Let there be light

Der verstörende Dokumentarfilm „Let there be light“ von John Huston über die schweren psychischen Schäden bei amerikanischen Soldaten nach dem 2. Weltkrieg ist wieder zugänglich. Verboten, zensiert und mit schlechtem Ton nur selten vorgeführt steht dieser Antikriegsfilm nun  in einer restaurierten Fassung zur Verfügung.

Dennis Doros, der den Film in seiner Firma  Milestone Films herausgebracht hat, schreibt dazu in der Liste Videonews:

„As you all know, there are many versions of John Huston’s LET THERE BE LIGHT as it’s a government film. Banned for years and then only shown with a very poor quality soundtrack (due to the original lab work), it was always highly regarded but a bit difficult to watch. However, by a chance project we did, we now have the version just finished this month by NARA with restored sound (by Chace Audio) and visual (by Colorlab). I put a clip of it up at http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MLMtO27kGzs

Huston’s film about the affects of war then known as Shell Shock and Battle Fatique (now recognized as Post Traumatic Stress Disorder or PTSD for short), was considered to be too disturbing and controversial, the film was suppressed by the military (confiscated by the Army Signal Corps) until it premiered in New York and at the Cannes Film Festival in 1981. Even then, names of soldiers were removed and sections edited out. Shot at Mason General Hospital in Brentwood, Long Island at the end of WWII, Huston followed the story of seventy-five soldiers who had suffered debilitating trauma experienced in the war. In the most dramatic scenes, soldiers are given sodium pentothal and recall past horrific events.

Purchase of a DVD-R is $75 and it comes with on-site PPR and streaming rights. You can order it at http://milestonefilms.com/movie.php/Light/ or directly to us at the contact info below. It’s a perfect companion to our Vietnam film WINTER SOLDIER.“

Welche Bedeutung diesem fast vergessenen und oft übersehenen Film im Werk von John Huston zukommt, hat Quentin Turnour in Senses of Cinema beschrieben (In the Waiting Room: John Huston’s Let There Be Light).


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