Way of a Gaucho

Fox-Spanien hat Jacques Tourneurs „Way of a Gaucho“ (1952) herausgebracht. Die DVD enthält die spanische und die englische Fassung. Herausragend sind die Landschaftsaufnahmen dieses vollständig in der argentinischen Pampa gedrehten Technicolor-Films. Tag Gallagher hat in der DVDBeaver-Liste die Bedeutung dieses Werks von Tourneur und die gute DVD-Version aus Spanien hervorgehoben:

„Fox Spain has put out a gorgeous dvd of Way of a Gaucho, with both English and Spanish tracks („Martín el Gaucho“). For me this is as good a movie as Jacques Tourneur ever made. Really fabulous. It disappeared from tv about 20 years ago, and for 20s years before that all one could see was faded Deluxe Color. It was shot Technicolor and the disc looks it. (Tag Gallagher)

Genannt werden in der Liste weitere Veröffentlichungen von Fox-Spanien:

Fox Spain is full of surprises. Way of a Gaucho is I agree a little-seen jewel, but there’s other things of interest like a few later Fox Stahls (Walls of Jericho, Foxes of Harrow, Father Was a Fullback), a decent print of Forever Amber, Inferno (with another tour de force Robert Ryan performance), and some good minor westerns like Fregonese’s The Raid, Wise’s Two Flags West, Powder River.(Noel Bjoerndal)

Nachtrag vom 2.2.2010 aus der DVDBeaver-Liste:

„You can try at dvdgo.com, starscafe.com, moviesdistribucion.com, fnac.es or elcorteingles.com. Universal in Spain has also published Mitchel Leisen „Hold Back the Dawn“ and „To Each His Own“,unavailable everywhere else and with very good quality. The copy of To Each His Own is remastered from the UCLA archives with Universal, which owns a lot of these Paramount titles. They are El CorteInglés exclusives, or so they say. The also have Fregonese’s Harry Black and the Tiger. (Emiliano Riva)


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