Roger Corman bei Shout! Factory

Der B-Movie-Spezialist Shout! Factory hat einen Vertrag mit Roger Corman über mehr als 50 Filme für DVD und Blu ray abgeschlossen. Alle Titel sollen neu gemastert werden. Damit werden Filme von Cormans New World Pictures erstmals in guten Editionen zugänglich:

„The deal, with Corman’s New Horizons Picture Corporation, gives Shout! Factory North American home entertainment rights to more than 50 films produced or directed by Corman. The first title in the “Roger Corman’s Cult Classics” line will be a special-edition DVD of Piranha, due April 6. A Blu-ray version hits May 4.

Coming April 13 are a Humanoids From the Deep DVD and an Up From the Depths/ Demon of Paradise DVD double feature. May 4 sees the release of Rock ‘n’ Roll High School (DVD and Blu-ray) and Suburbia (DVD) Due June 22 are Death Race 2000 (DVD and Blu-ray) and a Warlords of the 21st Century/Deathsport double-feature DVD. July 20 sees the DVD releases of Forbidden World, Galaxy of Terror and a double-feature DVD of Attack of the Crab Monster and Not of This Earth. Arriving Aug. 10 is Starcrash.

In a statement released announcing the deal, Shout! Factory founding partners Richard Foos, Bob Emmer and Garson Foos said Corman “holds an incredibly rich legacy in Hollywood. His cinematic works, spanning decades, continue to influence filmmakers worldwide.”

Corman has produced more than 350 films and directed 50 more, working with a variety of famous producers, directors, writers and actors, including Jack Nicholson, Francis Ford Coppola, Robert De Niro, Martin Scorsese, James Cameron, Ron Howard, Peter Fonda, Jonathan Demme, Tommy Lee Jones, Sandra Bullock, Sylvester Stallone, David Carradine and Charles Bronson, among others.“ (John Latchem: Shout! Factory to Release Roger Corman Library, Home Media Magazine, 12.1.2010)

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