Norman McLaren wird Weltkulturerbe

Der Picasso des Animations- films wird Weltkulturerbe, genauer gesagt, sein Werk: Die UNESCO hat die Filme Norman McLarens, die er von 1932 bis 1985 geschaffen hat, als Weltkulturerbe anerkannt. Seine unerschöpfliche Kreativität hat den Erfinder immer neuer Techniken zu einem der herausragenden Künstler des Animation im 20. Jahrhundert gemacht.

Hier einige Stimmen zur Nominierung:

Norman McLaren showed the world the power of animation as a means of serious social commentary, making a contribution to world art that cannot be overestimated. The National Film Board of Canada is proud that his great legacy has been added to the Memory of the World Register, just as we’re dedicated to ensuring that Norman’s genius and social conscience reach the widest possible audience,” said Tom Perlmutter, Government Film Commissioner and NFB Chairperson.

“The Audio-Visual Preservation Trust of Canada must be congratulated for having put forward Norman McLaren’s body of work to be inserted in the Memory of the World list of documentary masterpieces,” commented Jean-Pierre Wallot, the President of the ad hoc committee for the Memory of the World Program set up by the Canadian Commission for UNESCO. “McLaren’s works have impacted on animation cinema and even art across the world. But the significance of Neighbours, a National Film Board of Canada production, is as prevalent today as in 1952: Countries, factions and terrorists wage wars all over the world with terrible collateral damage upon millions of innocent victims. This simple and short parable of a mortal fight over a flower illustrates the violence brought about by passions for power, for possession, for ideologies, etc. that shred our world. It calls eloquently for peace, for dialogue, for sharing, for working out differences in all kinds of situations. In that sense – and of course also because of its technical brilliance – it is an icon of exceptional universal value. We can only hope that Canadians will identify more of these treasures that grace our country and submit proposals to the Memory of the World Program, adding to the treasure trove of humanity.”

“The Audio-Visual Preservation Trust of Canada is elated that Norman McLaren’s works will join the UNESCO Memory of the World Register alongside The Story of the Kelly Gang (Australia), The Battle of the Somme (United Kingdom), Metropolis (Germany) and The Wizard of Oz (United States),” said David Novek, President of the AV Trust. “McLaren’s films have long been honoured universally, and UNESCO’s recognition now places his masterpiece on a par with the world’s most enduring works, underlining the AV Trust’s mandate to assure that Canada’s audiovisual heritage is preserved and accessible for generations to come.” (aus AMIA-L vom 5.8.2009)

Das Gesamtwerk Norman McLarens liegt in einer herausragenden DVD-Edition vor. „Norman McLaren – The Master’s Edition“ mit einer Gesamtlaufzeit ca. 15 Stunden umfasst 58 seiner Filme – alle neu gemastert, davon 38 digital restauriert – und 15 Dokumentarfilme und weitere Materialien, insgesamt 130 Video- und Audiodokumente:

„The National Film Board of Canada wanted to display McLaren’s art in a way that would let everyone appreciate his genius. It was this that led to the production of this box set of seven DVDs, incorporating 58 McLaren films. Also included are many of his tests and unfinished films, which shed new light on his creative process and make it possible for the serious critic, student and film lover to discover the artist at work in his studio.

To provide a thematic analysis of McLaren’s work, fourteen short documentaries were made specifically for this project, providing remarkable access to the impressive filmography of the artist who created the film classic Neighbours. They guide the viewer to the heart of McLaren’s art, each film offering a distinct perspective on his work. The documentaries are organized by theme, the result of a collaboration with Canada’s leading experts on McLaren’s art, including Donald McWilliams, Marco de Blois and Marcel Jean. Additional material in the box set includes several filmed interviews with Norman McLaren and numerous audio clips, as well as extracts from texts in which the artist comments on his own films.“ (NFB)

… lieferbar bei Movie Mail oder Amazon in Großbritannien.


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