Prabhat-Filme auf Video-CD

Indische Klassiker aus den 30er und 40er Jahren sind jetzt im Handel erschienen. Das traditionsreiche indisches Studio Prabhat Film (Wikipedia) hat einige seiner bekannten Werke auf Video-CD herausgebracht. Von den ca. 30 lieferbaren Filmen haben 5 englische Untertitel:

Sant Tukaram

The film is based on the life of the of 17th century saint from Maharashtra.A poet whose work UNESCO had selected for translation. This pious,simple man was so much immersed in the worship of Lord Panduranga that his wife Awali,was eternally irritated and attempts to draw him to his mundane duties.Tukaram’s faith triumphed in the end,winning over orthodoxy.Legend says that he was bodily transported to Heaven. The film received plaudits at the Venice Film Festival in 1937 and was adjudged as one of the three best films of the world. This film is often selected for screening in various International Film Festivals.

Sant Dnyaneshwa

It was the period of Second World War.The entire world was against with inhuman massacre ordered by Hitler.In such times,Prabhat felt the need of making the film on Sant Dnyaneshwar, who despite so many sufferings and hurdles, preached the cause of humanity. The first Marathi film to be telecast by Bombay Doordarshan in 1972. It was the first Indian film screened in USA. „American Cinematograph“ carried a review in its October,1941 issue and praised trick photography of the film


Another distinguished social film to be directed by Internationally known genius V. Shantaram. The film highlights the problem, crucial to Indian Society that of Hindu-Muslim unity. The film narrates the unfortunate scism that separates a Hindu from Muslim neighbour and a lifelong friend. Much of the film’s background related to dam and the photographic exploitation of the subject ending in the tragic dam-burst is marked by unique technical skill.The romantic interludes in the film are made all the more colourful by a climatic torch dance.


The biographical film traces the career of an intrepid judge during the Peshwa regime of the Maratha Empire. The incorruptible Judge ,Ramshastri, boldly sentences the ruling Peshwa with punishment by death for murdering his nephew. The reconstruction of history is marked by dramatic thrills, the use of respledent costumes and breath taking opulent decor and sets. Shown at a number of National and International Film Festivals. The film received „The Best Film Award“ by Bengal Film Journalist Association.


One of the finest social films of India of all times. Kunku explores the tragics of a May-December marriage. In this case, the bridegroom is a widower and the bride an intrapid and aspiring young woman.
Set in the typically middle class family of the country.The film develops its psychological tensions boldly, equally revolutionary solutions for the couples marital impasse. Photographed and acted with admirable realism. The film remains a reflection of Indian family worth studying. It was shown in Venice International Film Festival. Natural and environmental sounds were used as background music. (Films of Prabhat Film Company)

Der sonst so zuverlässige Vertrieb in Westbengalen hat leider nur die Fassungen ohne englische Untertitel gelistet, so dass man die bei Prabhat Films direkt bestellen muss.

Nachtrag vom 27.10.2009:  Die Prabhat-Filme sind bei inzwischen auch auf DVD mit englischen Untertiteln erschienen, lieferbar als Box mit 10 Filmen (Prabhat Film Classics), oder einzeln, wobei einige schon vergriffen sind.

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