Wizard of Oz auf Blu-ray

Zum 70jährigen Geburtstag erscheint die restaurierte Fassung von „The wizard of Oz“ (Das zauberhafte Land) (Der Zauberer von Oz – die Geschichte) in einer „Ultimate Collector’s edition“ auf Blu ray und DVD (4 DVD oder 2 Blu ray). Dafür wurden die Technicolor-Negative in 8K abgetastet und für die Blu ray-Produktion auf ein 4K-Masterband übertragen:

„The film has been entirely remastered for the high-definition format. Each of the original Technicolor camera negatives was scanned using 8K resolution. From this scan, a final ‚capture‘ master was created in 4K, giving the Blu-ray twice the resolution of the master for the film’s previous DVD release. The Blu-ray also features Dolby TrueHD audio.

Included exclusively on the Blu-ray is the original extended version of „If I Only Had a Brain,“ performed by Ray Bolger and remastered in high-definition, and the documentary MGM: When the Lion Roars.

In addition new-to-disc ultimate edition extras include The Dreamer of Oz, a remastered, biographical 1990 TV movie about Oz author L. Frank Baum on disc for the first time, starring John Ritter, Annette O’Toole and Rue McClanahan; Victor Fleming, Master Craftsman, a feature-length documentary produced specifically for this release about the Hollywood director who, in the same year, brought both Oz and Gone With the Wind to the screen; Hollywood Celebrates It’s Biggest Little Stars, a new featurette that stars seven of the original Munchkins and tells their story, culminating in them receiving their own Star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame; The Magic Cloak of Oz, the first video release of the complete 1914 silent film (produced by Baum), including lost footage; The Patchwork Girl of Oz, another 1914 Baum-produced, feature-length silent film; a sing-along track; reproductions of archival material, including renderings of the 1939 campaign; Behind the Curtain, a 52-page miniature coffee-table book, assembled by pre-eminent Oz historian John Fricke; and an exclusive, numbered Wizard of Oz 70th Anniversary watch created specifically for the release.“ ( ‚Wizard of Oz‘ to Debut on Blu-ray Disc for 70th Birthday‘. In: Home Media Magazine, 9.6.2009)

Übersicht über die verschiedenen Ausgaben. Bericht zur 4K-Restaurierung des Technicolor-Negativs. Presseerklärung von Warner.

Ergänzung: Die Edition wird auch 5 Stummfilmversionen von Baums Buch „Der Zauberer von OZ“ enthalten, vorwiegend auf Disc 4:

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  1. […] of the Kelly Gang (Australia), The Battle of the Somme (United Kingdom), Metropolis (Germany) and The Wizard of Oz (United States),” said David Novek, President of the AV Trust. “McLaren’s films have long […]

  2. leider gibt es die noch nicht in de aber nächtes jahr laut amazon

  3. dvdbiblog sagt:

    Hallo blurayking,

    die Ultimate Collector’s Edition auf Blu ray ist meines Wissens schon am 16.10. in Deutschland erschienen:
    http://www.amazon.de/Zauberer-von-Oz-Ultimate-Collectors/dp/B002G5U1RE/ – die DVD-Ausgabe ebenfalls, allerdings fehlen darin die Sammlerstücke:

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