F.T.A. – Free the Army

Ende Februar erscheint in den USA eine historische Ausgrabung auf DVD, die bisher nur sehr selten oder besser, nie zu sehen war. „F.T.A.“ , wahlweise als „Free the Army“ oder „F*** the Army“ aufzulösen, ist eine satirische Show, die Jane Fonda, Donald Sutherland und einige andere 1971 zusammengestellt hatten, um GIs für die Bewegung gegen den Vietnamkrieg zu gewinnen. „FTA“ dokumentiert die Pazifiktour der Truppe mit zahlreichen Interviews von Soldaten:

„Available for the first time since it mysteriously disappeared in 1972 after only one week in theaters, this raucous film is a riveting slice of the Vietnam anti-war movement. Reviving the wonderfully campy, yet biting theater of Jane Fonda and Donald Sutherland’s Free The Army (or, more popularly, „F*** The Army“) Tour, FTA captures the entertaining magic and mayhem of the anti-war and pro-labor show as it rallies and rouses dissident GIs stationed along the Pacific Rim.

A gritty mix of rollicking performances and GI interviews, FTA juxtaposes lighthearted political satire with the somber realities of war, occupation, and the absurdities of military life, a barbed rebuke to the staid USO program. From Okinawa to the Philippines, stirred by the show’s provocative message, the members of the U.S. military find courage to speak out candidly in front of the camera.“ (Docurama)

„F.T.A.“ ist zweifellos ein historisches Dokument der amerikanischen Antikriegsbewegung:

„The music was also excellent. What is most remarkable in the film, though, are the interviews with soldiers on active duty in wartime, and the camera pans of vast crowds of soldiers watching the stage performance avidly. It brings home the support that the peace movement had even with active duty troops in wartime.

It’s exceptionally difficult to get a copy of this film in the U.S., though there are some copies still in circulation in Europe. If you ever get a chance to see it, don’t miss it–it’s an important slice of U.S. history, long buried and forgotten. Today we remember (falsely) that peaceniks spat upon veterans. This gives the lie to that urban myth. In fact, the peace movement and veterans were often strongly aligned, as both groups were dedicated to „supporting the troops“ by bringing them home.“ (kalital from Tucson, AZ, IMDb)

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