Studio One Anthology

Die amerikanische Academy of Television Arts & Sciences Foundation, die auch den renommierten Fernsehpreis EMMY verleiht, hat mit ihrem Archive of American Television eine DVD-Reihe gestartet. Die erste Ausgabe von „Archive of American Television Presents“ ist der Sendereihe „Studio One“ gewidmet. Die Edition Studio One Anthology“ enthält 17 Folgen aus der Zeit des frühen Live-Fernsehens, darunter auch die verschollene, erst 2003 wiederentdeckte Episode „Twelve Angry Men“, die die Vorlage für den klassischen Kinofilm von Sidney Lumet bildete:

„All the episodes included in the stunning STUDIO ONE ANTHOLOGY have been produced from kinescopes – film recorded off of the television monitors before the advent of commercial videotape. Many kinescopes from the period, however, have been lost or are irreparable. Luckily, in 1997, during the demolition of the former Westinghouse (the sponsor for „Studio One“) factory in Mansfield, Ohio, a foreman came across rotting boxes in a shed. While his instructions were to throw away all materials, he noticed the CBS logo and initiated a process that resulted in the discovery and preservation of hundreds of hours of film, which were thought to have been lost forever.

One of the most exciting inclusions in the STUDIO ONE ANTHOLOGY, Reginald Rose’s historic „Twelve Angry Men,“ was only recently found in a private collection. The complete program was thought to have been lost for many years. Then in 2003, a filmmaker, who was working on a documentary about noted defense attorney Samuel Leibowitz, found a kinescope copy in the Leibowitz archives. Having a profound interest in legal issues, the attorney requested and received „Twelve Angry Men“ directly from CBS shortly after it aired.“ (Archive of American Television)

Die DVD ist ab morgen in den USA lieferbar. Im nächsten Jahr sind weitere Folgen geplant, u.a. Budd Schulberg’s What Makes Sammy Run?.

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