Autism – The Musical

Letzten Sonntag hat ein Dokumentarfilm den amerikanischen Fernsehpreis EMMY (Best nonfiction special) gewonnen, dessen Sujet zunächst paradox zu sein scheint: Autistische Kinder erarbeiten zusammen mit ihren Familien ein bühnenreifes Musical. Der Film „Autism – the Musical“ (HBO) von Tricia Regan zeigt die Arbeit von Elaine Hall mit den Kindern. Entstanden ist ein faszinierender Film über Menschen, denen es trotz aller Hemmnisse gelingt, im Spiel ihre Schranken zu durchbrechen:

„Eloquently attesting to the transformative power of theater, „Autism: The Musical,“ an upbeat docu about putting on a musical for, with and by autistic children, proves as riveting as it is revelatory. With diagnosed cases of the disease rapidly escalating in America throughout the last decade, this docu’s exploration of alternative methods of treatment seems opportune, not to mention downright joyous at times. Moving, dramatic, therapeutic and unburdened by reliance on talking heads, uplifting „Musical“ could claim a real shot at limited arthouse distribution before it finds a home on the small screen.

Like Scott Kennedy’s „OT: Our Town,“ about a socially disadvantaged group of kids mounting an amateur theatrical production against all odds, Tricia Regan’s film skillfully weaves the lives of its subjects around progressive stages of rehearsals over a period of six months — creating an organic arc that allows for a tremendous degree of information to be dispensed within the evolving storyline.

Each time the camera returns to a new run-through, the viewer has been granted increased familiarity and greater identification with the kids and their parents. As the film concerns a process of socialization whereby isolated figures onstage learn to relate to one another, so the film’s unfolding structure effects a process of socialization for the audience.“ (Ronnie Scheib, Variety)

Der Film ist bei Docurama auf DVD erschienen und in den USA bestellbar.


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