Film, Zuschauer und neue Medien

Ein Hinweis aus dem Premium-Filmblog Green Cine Daily von David Hudson: Michael S. Newman macht sich in seinem Blog Zigzigger – On the Audiovisual & Beyond Gedanken über die Veränderung der Filmkultur durch repetitive Medien wie Video und vor allem DVD. Seine Thesen: Independent-Filme werden komplexer und erfordern ein mehrfaches Sehen. Neue, individuelle Medien verändern das Verhältnis des Zuschauers zum Film und lassen ihn aus seiner Zuschauerrolle heraustreten:

„I’ve been writing for the past few weeks about indie films that make prominent formal play or certain kinds of complexity that rewards repeated viewing. Many of these films are hard to understand in a fully satisfying way the first time through. They have scrambled temporal structures or ambiguous levels of subjective/objective narration. (These include Pulp Fiction, Mystery Train, Donnie Darko, The Limey, Memento, Primer, and The Nines.) Along the way I have had to consider that many of these films have attained cult status, and that the difficulty they present for first-time viewers might encourage audiences to form fandoms around these films that can organize knowledge about them, especially through the social networks of the web…

It strikes me that new media technologies have significant effects on the history of cult cinema. (I’m not sure how original my insights about this will be here, but they’re new to me, so I’m offering them up.) My basic point is that the availability of films to own on videotape, disc, or computer file marks a transformation in the way audiences engage with the film text, and that this transformation makes the cult mode of film experience much more typical, more available to more viewers and to more movies.“ (Notes on Cult Films and New Media Technology)

Michael S. Newman bezieht sich dabei auf David Bordwell („New Media and Old Storytelling“), der wiederum auf Jason Mitchells Blog Just TV verweist.

Bordwell: "The DVD made a movie more like a book".

sowie auf das Buch von Henry Jenkins „Convergence Culture – Where Old and New Media Collide“.

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