MGM Film Noir

„Four Films Noirs“ heißt das neues Thema von Dave Kehrs DVD-Kolumne in der New York Times. Er feiert 4 unabhängig produzierte Filme, ursprünglich von United Artists verliehen und jetzt von 20th Century Fox Home Entertainment in restaurierten Fassungen auf DVD unter dem Titel „MGM Film Noir“ veröffentlicht:

“ Digging into the murky depths of the United Artists film library, MGM Home Entertainment has come up with four significant films noirs, all independent productions released in the ’40s and ’50s…

… [“Kansas City Confidential“] slipped into the public domain and has been available only in terrible prints through budget DVD distributors. But now MGM has returned to its original elements and produced a copy that is an immeasurable improvement over what had been available…

… The other two Robinson films need less introduction: Fritz Lang’s “Woman in the Window” (1944) and “The Stranger” (1946), directed by Orson Welles. Again these are films that have circulated for years in substandard copies but are presented here in versions very close to the original materials…

… “The Stranger,” in a radiant new print, gains most in this collection. Long and, to me, unaccountably dismissed by Welles scholars for being too “commercial,” it may be Welles’s most explicitly political work, made at a time when his activism was at its height..“ (Dave Kehr)

Der vierte Film in der Reihe ist Lewis Allens „A Bullet for Joey“ („there had to be one minor title, didn’t there?“ – Dave Kehr). Trotzdem lautet sein Resume:

„What makes this group remarkable is that both “The Stranger” and “Kansas City Confidential” are out of copyright and have been subjected to two decades of crummy public domain releases; seeing these crisp new transfers from original elements in the UA library is like seeing them both for the first time.“ (Dave Kehr)

Um die aufgeführten Studionamen etwas zu entwirren, hier eine Information aus PREMIERE

„For those of you who don’t follow the biz, the entity once known as MGM/UA was acquired by Sony a few years back, and after some business machinations the finer nuances of which escape this correspondent, 20th Century Fox Home Entertainment got the rights to much of the MGM back catalog. Hence, the latest releases in MGM’s Film Noir series are actually 20th Century Fox Home Entertainment discs.“ (Glenn Kenny’s „The Discophile“)

Genauere Informationen zum Fox-Deal hier. Die ganze komplizierte Geschichte des MGM-Studios bei Wikipedia.


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