Eliana, Eliana

In den USA ist der indonesische Film „Eliana, Eliana“ von Riri Riza auf DVD erschienen (Regionalcode 0, indonesisch mit engl. Untertiteln). Der Film ist im Rahmen der indonesischen Filmbewegung I Sinema entstanden, die von den beiden Produzenten der Produktionsfirma Miles Film, Mira Lesmana and Riri Riza, gegründet worden ist:

„Later in 2002, Miles Films then made a join production and released a digi feature entitled Eliana, Eliana directed by Riri Riza, with I Sinema. I Sinema is a film movement that both Mira and Riri initiated in 1999 with 10 other independent filmmakers. Eliana, Eliana become a critically acclaimed work that received the Young Cinema Award and Netpac/Fipresci Jury Award in Singapore International Film Festival, a Special Mention at Dragons and Tigers Award in Vancouver International Film Festival, and Best Actress in Deauville International Film Festival, France.“ (Miles Film)

Die Kritiken sind vielversprechend. Mit dem Film läßt sich ein bei uns bisher unbekanntes Filmland entdecken:

„… the Jakarta of Eliana, Eliana is a wild, noisy and more inviting place. Shot on digital in Jakarta, Riri Riza’s film is a recent product of Indonesia’s „i-cinema“ movement, named after a Dogme-like manifesto signed by 13 filmmakers who have pledged to provide their country’s filmgoers with topical works. In Eliana, Eliana, the titular young woman (Rachel Maryam Sayidina) must decide whether to stay in her adopted city or return home with her overbearing mother (Jajang C. Noer). Riza shares his restless, furtive camerawork and fascination with urban squalour with Fruit Chan. “ (Jason Anderson, Eye Weekly)

Mehr zu „Eliana, Eliana“ und „I Sinema“ in der Zeitschrift Inside Indonesia von Joane Sharpe: Eliana Eliana – Independent Cinema, Indonesian Cinema: A new wave of Indonesian films.


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